How to Make Money Online 2

They are various ways to make money online by marketing affiliate programs. For an affiliate program to be lucrative you have to create a targeted traffic. They are many ways to advertise in order to make money online for free and also advertise for fees. One of the ways to advertise for free is through article writing. Article writing is a great way to get targeted visitors to your website if you are able to write quality and good content articles, also include relevant keywords and the link to your website should also go with it. If you write a quality article that your reader loves, definitely he must visit your website, who knows he may pick one or two things which you are marketing. Some of the best websites to submit articles in order to make money online from affiliate programs are EzineArticles, GoArticles, Searchwarp, Squidoo, Articlesbase and Hubpages etc. Most of these websites are crawled by Google. After submitting your articles at EzineArticles, also submit to other article sites. This will help you to build many backlinks for your website, which you know search engines consider when ranking a page. Use an article submitter to submit to as many website as you can find.

There’s what people call flyers; it’s simply a way of advertising off line whereby you print pamphlet cards and give it out to people on the way. This kind of advertising is normally aimed at dog owners, cat owners, muscle builders or fat people looking to loose weight. You can print pamphlet cards, write small attractive ads on them and give it out to people moving on the street or you can visit the beach and share it to people that you feel will be interested in what you are marketing, most of all, remember to include your website on it. The website will convert if it’s landing page. You can also go to fat loss workout plan studio and/ muscle building studio and give the pamphlet out to people trying to loose weight, this also converts. I know the big boys maybe shy to do stuffs like this but i don’t think they should, sometimes I give out about 500 pamphlets per day with the help of my younger bros and return I receive a ton of traffic daily with a couple of sales, that’s what drives traffic for me offline without spending a penny on advertisement, expect the one I spend to print the cards. You can search and find places where you can get these business cards online with an affordable rate, just Google it out. You can also drop the cards at libraries.

Anther way to get targeted visitors to your website is through pay per click. The best PPC search engines are Google, MSN and Yahoo. The reason is because they will prevent you from click-fraud, you will get conversion tracking, bonus click and other benefits. If you are planning to sign up for PPC I recommend MSN and Yahoo, the reason is because they are give free $50 PPC when you sign up as a beginner, though it may expire at anytime, you just have to make the search for yourself. If you are advertising through PPC in order to drive visitors to your site; try to make your keywords targeted and also include misspelled keywords. Take for instance, if you are promoting how to cure acne, the keywords should be “cure acne”, “get rid of acne”, “treat acne” and not “acne”, “effects of acne”, “causes of acne”, “symptoms” etc. When advertising through PPC do not pay more than $0.10 per click as a beginner, so you won’t lose much money. Even if you want to bid higher, try to appear on the 3rd position because this works for me. Create many ads title for each of your keywords – this will make your ad appear in content search. Creating ad title for each keywords can make yahoo to charge you as low as $0.10 for an ad others pay for $0.50 and not only that, you could also be placed in number 1 position for a keyword as little as $0.10, this is because yahoo always look out for relevant ad titles.

My way of advertising through forum is simply like this; I search for music or weight loss or dog owner’s forum etc, sign up and reply to any question i know which someone asked over there. As for the questions I don’t know, I simply search for relevant answers for it at Google, Ask, Yahoo or MSN, and find out from anyone with a useful answer. This normally takes me 10 minutes or more but not longer than 15 minutes to deliver. I supply the answers with a link to my landing page below, it converts well. Try to use tracking id to know which of your ads convert to sales, sometimes I get so many sales that i don’t know where there are coming from, so use tracking id to know which of your performance is yielding positive result and improve on the poor ones, spend more time on it and spend less time on the part which is not yielding sales. You can market affiliate programs like money making programs at work at home forum or money making forum like Talkgold, Digitalpoint, Warriorsforum and Associateprograms, not just work at home forum or money making forum but the once with high traffic, you can search for that at Google and determine the rate of traffic flocking into that website with Alexa.

Sign up at those forums and be an active member there, whenever someone asks a question and you know the answer to it, provide him/her with the answer and/ pm him a website which is similar to the question he asked, make sure to put your landing page link to receive commission if he buys the product you are marketing. You can also add the product of your choice to your signature both in your email box and forums. I still feel is necessary you should try some free website traffic like Trafficswarm and Trafficg. I get a couple of sales marketing affiliate programs at this site, the problem with this site is that they have lots of money making advertisers so I think you should advertise about website traffic or any other thing you have in mind, though it might take time to make sale from free website traffic like this one. It’s better than spending money on advertising without yielding any positive result. It’s a way to get traffic to your website by surfing other people’s website while they surf yours; in return you get credit to use for your own website advertising.

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