Retirement Homes Are Fulfilling The Promise Of Helping The Elderly Live A Happy And Joyous Life – Here’s How!

Due to the growing number of senior citizens in our country, retirement homes have become the need of the hour. The older adults whose children don’t stay with them or are working abroad and don’t have anyone to look after them are in great need of an alternative abode. There, anyone can provide them with the love and care required for them not to feel isolated and depressed and a place where they can share their smiles and tears with fellow compassionate older adults.  

Why Choose a Retirement Home?

Choosing the perfect retirement home has many benefits that the children and relatives must undergo before entrusting the organisation with the care and security of the elderly in their homes.  

Some of these upsides are given below. 

Multiple Types of Services provided: 

Retirement homes are modern-day old age homes that are very well-furnished and claim to provide a homely environment to the older adults by fulfilling the special needs and unique requirements of the senior citizens. 

Retirement homes are very different from traditional old age homes in terms of medical care, food and nutrition, infrastructure and social life. 

Several luxury old age homes provide international living standards and enable them to own their private serviced property. They provide multiple services starting from CCTV surveillance to utility markets inside the campus of the retirement homes.  

Other than these facilities, you should consider a few different factors before choosing a home for senior citizens.

For instance, the region’s cost of living, population density, weather, culture, language, etc., all play a significant role. Retirement homes provide not only medical or physical support but also emotional support.  

Travancore Foundation is one of the best old age homes in Kochi, which provides premium quality services for the convenience of senior citizens. This luxury old age home offers a diverse range of personalised services comprising resident assessments, interdisciplinary teams, healthcare services, senior-friendly infrastructure, and various recreational activities. 

Following are the retirement homes that are helping the elderly live happy and fulfilling lives. 


Unlike traditional old age homes, retirement homes provide the high-quality infrastructure that comprises fully furnished suits, air-conditioning units, master bedrooms, balconies, wheelchairs, kitchen, living rooms and massive space to give you maximum comfort. Some of the luxury old age homes also provide swimming pools, extensive landscaped gardens, gyms, common community halls and supermarkets inside the campus of the retirement complex. Retirement homes ensure you don’t face any hassle and make full use of every facility provided by these luxury old age homes.

Food and Nutrition: 

As we age, our body’s nutritional requirements also change. Also, our metabolism doesn’t remain high enough to digest all kinds of food. That’s why it becomes imperative that we pay extra attention to their food and nutrition. The calorie intake should be reduced, and food with lots of nutrients and fibre like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, nuts, low-fat dairy, etc., should be taken in abundance. The best old age home provides a nutritionist who can help them with their diet management

Retirement homes fulfill all these requirements, and unlike traditional old age homes, they provide fresh, nutritious food to the elderly, keeping in mind their nutritional needs. The residents can also cook their own meals in their apartment’s kitchen.

Medical facilities: 

The retirement homes have several trained nurses, general physicians, geriatric specialists and caregivers who will always be ready at your service. In case of any emergency, the retirement homes provide immediate assistance and hospitalisation. Some luxury old age homes even have well-equipped medical rooms and carry out regular check-ups along with the daily physical and mental assessment of the senior residents.

Recreational activities: 

The retirement homes also provide various recreational activities for the older adults that help them to enjoy their ‘golden years. It helps them to learn new things and explore their interests which keep their minds busy and healthy. Exercising, engaging oneself in spirituality, doing creative activities, and socialising are some activities provided by the retirement homes that keep them physically and mentally stimulated.


These retirement homes take care of those homeless older adults who have been abandoned and are neglected by their own families. Earlier, people used to opt for traditional old age homes, which provided them with bare minimum facilities along with a very gloomy atmosphere where the elderly couldn’t be in a state of peaceful happiness.