Tap Into Your Mailing List to Create Great Interviews

A great way to generate valuable information for your clients is to interview an expert.

But where do you get the questions to ask them?

If you have a mailing list, this should be your first port-of-call.

People on my list quite often receive an e-mail asking them to submit any questions they may have for an expert I am going to interview.

In response, I’ll regularly get dozens and sometimes, over a hundred responses, which form the basis of a great interview.

The “ask my list” method works for three reasons.

Firstly, it makes preparing for the interview a “piece of cake.” All I really have to do is to prioritize the questions and the ask them. It’s a simple question and answer format.

Secondly, because I know that some questions were more common than others, I know which areas of the interview I have to expand my questioning.

Thirdly, I know that the product that I create out of the interview will have a ready made audience. The late and great copywriter, Gary Halbert once said that finding the “hungry crowd” is the most important thing in marketing. By getting my mailing list to generate the questions, I know I’m catering to that hunger.

So, the next time you’re conducting an audio interview and have to come up with the questions, turn to your mailing list.

They’ll tell you what you should be asking. They’ll give you ideas about where you should ask it. And, you’ll how to market that interview, once you have it.

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