Tips to Run PPC Campaign Successfully

Pay per click or PPC marketing is a way for both the advertiser and the website owner to benefit. To truly get the most out of PPC marketing, it’s a good idea to become both the advertiser and the advertisee. What we mean is, create ad copy using PPC, but also offer PPC on your website so other relevant ads can pop up on your site. This will bring in an additional income, especially if your website is generating a lot of traffic (which, after reading and applying these 110 tips, it most certainly will!) PPC advertisements work with pay per click meaning, as the advertiser, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. Essentially, you are only paying for prospects and not for every single surfer who stumbles upon your ad. This is a revolutionary way to advertise as you are literally only paying for those who actually stop by your online store. PPC marketing works with keywords and keywords phrases. By following these tips below, you can discover how to generate traffic to both your site and your PPC ads and thus multiple your traffic and your return on investments (ROI).

1- Know the search engines- when PPC marketing, you need to deliver your PPC ads to the right places. The top five search engine sites are Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN Search and AOL. Make sure you target all five of these. Many people use just Google, which is great as Google does control more than 50% of all searched material; however, what about the other 50%?

2- Understand keyword bidding- keyword bids will constantly change. You can either continue to check it out every day, or invest in bidmanagement software, which can watch the different bids so you remain on top.

3- Find the middle ground in bidding- when you are bidding for keywords, you need to find that happy medium between high and low. If you bid too high, then you are simply wasting a lot of money; however, if you bid too low then you ad may not appear until the third or more page (and who flips through more than three pages of search results anyway?). So, aim for the 5th to the 15th position. This will keep more money in your budget and ensure that you remain in a good viewing spot.

4- Stay away from Bid wars- bid wars are bound to happen between you and your competitor. However, it’s best to simply step down. Bid wars do not benefit anyone except for the publisher. However, if you happen to be the publisher of your website, then bring on the bid wars!

5- Become a PPC pro- PPC marketing is not something that you will wake up and automatically understand. Consider getting some help with PPC marketing. Read books, attend seminars and spend some time with a PPC consultant to see what can be done in your particular situation.

6- Research the competition- there’s nothing wrong with a little competitive analysis. See what your competitors are doing with their advertisements- what keywords are they using? What affiliates are they working with? Have a look around, then adapt and change to suit your PPC strategy. This is one of the greatest benefits to competition.

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