5 Simple Tips for Marketing Your Brand On Clubhouse

Due to the fact its launch in April 2020, Clubhouse has been steadily developing. Getting secured about 10 million people in significantly less than a calendar year, the app’s fast expansion has attracted a ton of new people and businesses alike. 

Social Audio was unheard of ahead of Clubhouse, pun supposed. That is partly what created the application so attractive it available something no other application did. Add to that the point that Clubhouse operated on an invite-only basis in its preliminary times, and we can comprehend why hundreds of thousands of consumers were psyched to be on the application. 

This begs the concern, is Clubhouse a promising platform for enterprises searching for emerging advertising opportunities? If indeed, then what is the finest way to position oneself as a brand on the platform? 

In this article, we focus on what sets Clubhouse aside from other internet marketing platforms as perfectly as a few strategies to maximize your ROI whilst advertising on Clubhouse. But initially, let’s realize what Clubhouse is.