Affordable Diamonds in Dallas this 2022

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Diamonds are a good investment if they are bought at a cheaper price but with high quality. These diamonds can increase their value in time. That’s why before buying diamonds it will be wise to learn about them so you can get an affordable diamond once you are ready to buy one. Wholesale diamonds in Dallas can be a good choice when planning to buy diamonds. They are more affordable but still have high quality. 

What Are Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas and How To Buy it?

Wholesale diamonds are rough diamonds polished and shaped by diamond dealers to have a more appealing appearance and are ready to be sold. Wholesale diamond dealers usually get their diamonds directly from mines that’s why they have a lower cost. Wholesale diamonds are often sold in wholesale diamond physical stores or online stores. You can buy them just like retail diamonds, most wholesale diamond dealers would allow individuals to directly buy from them. That’s why more and more people are wise in buying their diamonds from wholesale diamond stores. 

Things To Consider Before Buying a Wholesale Diamond in Dallas

Diamond Quality 

Diamond quality of wholesale diamonds is the same as those in the retail stores and some are even better. Since they sell more diamonds they have more varieties which means you can have more choices on which diamond to buy from them. Wholesale diamond dealers have the proper tools to show you that their diamonds are of high quality. 

Diamond certification

All diamonds sold should come with a certification. On the certificate of the diamond, the details are stated. Make sure that the diamonds are evaluated by legit diamond laboratories such as the Gemological Institute Of America. Since they can assure the authenticity of the diamonds plus they are legit and the most popular diamond evaluators.


There are specific prices for each shape, cut, and carat of diamond. You have to be familiar with it so you know what to expect and determine if the diamond dealer is giving you a good price or trying to rob you. The pricing of wholesale diamonds is governed by the Rapaport diamond report. This is an index of diamond pricing in the market. Most wholesale diamond dealers base their pricing on this report and some may even go lower. So getting a list of it can help you negotiate the price of the diamond you will be buying. 

Set a Budget 

Having a budget can help you shop more conveniently and stay in the price range where your budget fits. Wholesale diamonds may be affordable but they still cost a thousand dollars or more so it pays to be ready. Since you have an idea of the pricing then better save for the budget that is enough for the diamond you want. Having a budget can also narrow down your choice and save time from going through several diamonds that are beyond your price range. Instead, you can focus on those under your budget. 

Know Your Setting and Metals 

The diamonds are best to keep if they are in the form of jewelry. If you plan to mount that diamond in a diamond then better consider your setting and metal since they will also be added to the cost which means they will be added to your budget. 

What contributes most to diamond sparkle?


The color of the diamond can affect its sparkle since the more colorless they are the more reflection they can get which means the light that enters the diamond increases as the diamond is colorless. 


Lesser inclusions make the diamonds shine more. That’s why the clarity of the diamond also matters if you want a diamond that sparkles more. 


The cut can determine the number of facets and the size of the table of the diamond. That’s why an excellent cut is recommended since this cut can make the best table size and the correct number of facets for each diamond shape. Diamonds with a bigger table can absorb more light making the diamonds reflect more. 

Affordable Diamonds in Dallas this 2022 can come in different shapes but they are best bought in wholesale diamond stores. Give yourself a shot by visiting several wholesale diamond stores in Dallas to see what they can offer you.