Be careful when selling cars to private companies and the Taxation Options

The main difference between selling a car as a private person or as an entrepreneur is that you can privately exclude liability for material defects in the purchase contract. This means that you do not have to pay for expensive repairs due to alleged defects that occur after the sale. As an entrepreneur it is possible to shorten the period of time when selling used vehicles from a two-year warranty to one year, but this must be stated in the sales contract.

Attention: exclude warranty

When selling a car, a company owner cannot sell his car to a private person without being exposed to statutory warranty claims, like a car dealer would.

If you have shortened the liability for material defects in the sales contract to one year, you as an entrepreneur are responsible for defects that were already present at the time of sale and that were not described in the sales contract. The repairs are then carried out at your own expense. Furthermore, the buyer can withdraw from the purchase contract, should the defect be significant or unrecoverable. A further reduction of the liability for material defects to less than one year is excluded. If, for example, you should decide to completely exclude liability for material defects, the corresponding clause in the sales contract is ineffective. Make use of the sales tax calculator for understand the sales tax that you will have to consider at the time of buying the car.

For the first 6 months after purchase, it is assumed that there was a defect at the time of sale. The seller then has to pay for this. However, he can also provide evidence that this was not the case and is then not liable for the first 6 months either. If a material defect is reported later, the buyer must prove that the defect already existed when the risk was passed (usually when the vehicle was handed over).

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