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Since the beginning of 1995, Billy Frank has produced media content with numerous businesses and his entertainment company, Make It Happen Productions (MIHP). Most recently, has been working on new projects with partners in the entertainment and business industries.

Billy has received recognition for his many accolades for design, story, and execution for significant networks, studios, and global brands. For the final eight years of the popular NBC show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he Executive Produced the primary title open.

Later, in collaboration with Bank of America and the Australian Tourist Commission, he produced the multi-award-winning 35mm short film “The Australia Experience” for the 2000′ Global launch and fame of the Olympic Games. He was also the segment producer on Gary Ross’ multiple-Oscar-winning movie and 7x nominated film, “Seabiscuit,” which produced the seamless transitions that take you from scene to scene within the movie.

Most recently, Billy has acquired the rights and is preparing to make a documentary about the 1965 Los Angeles Watts Rebellion called “The Watts Rebellion,” which tells the tale of an underserved neighborhood uniting through sports. And is ardently collaborating with renowned writer George Gallo (Midnight Run, Bad Boys, 29th Street) on a movie on the most notorious Marijuana smuggler on the West Coast.

In his career, Billy has worked on many projects covering many areas, and some are mentioned below: 

●    Youth/Youth Sports, Arts, and Culture

●    Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

●    Education

●    Government Safety, Environment

●    Health

●    Human Rights

●    Science and Technology

●    Social Services and Digital content

●    Television

●    Film

●    Documentary

Billy has recently co-othered a book with Adam Torres, “Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol.1 – Edition 3) Paperback – May 13, 2019′.

In this book, lessons and teachings are given by Billy that one can take notes from and use in life. A short description of the book includes: every enterprise needs leadership, but great leaders are formed through success and failure. Are you and your organization appropriately positioned for this new age of leadership? In the latest edition of Money Matters, 15 top professionals who share their lessons on leadership are featured.’

To give back to the community, he took on a role as an Adjunct Professor for Carnegie Mellon University in the Heinz School’s Master of Entertainment Industry Management Program from 2008-2009. The focus was on Marketing and Entertainment. 

Billy is also now involved in Web3/NFTs and intends to make a difference by introducing how to become financially sound with Web3/Metaverse and Crypto to those who have yet to learn what this is.

As a true serial entrepreneur, a person that comes from very little, with no help and no funding, but, at an early age, he had a burning desire to prove that he could succeed even though he had come from a broken home with a working mother and an absent father.

Billy was on his own at the tender age of 16 ½ and has never returned home nor received ANY handouts to this day. Although not his childhood story, he is living the American Dream. And now has a successful production company where he works for himself; he also plays Fastpitch in the highly competitive Jewish Olympics (The Maccabiah Games), winning a Gold (2017), Silver (2013), and Bronze (2022).

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