Different Sources for Furniture Tenders

Rapid commercialization, economic expansion, and growing industrialization in the country have resulted in requirement of setting up huge number of offices. Apart from this, residential houses, commercial complexes, shops, and other organizations are also multiplying with the passage of time. All these have brought up huge requirements for furniture for carrying out the works smoothly. Usually central and state government, its affiliated agencies, corporate commercial houses, and others including the interior decorators often float furniture tenders for procurement of required furniture.

With rapid commercialization in the country, huge amount of furniture tenders are floated at regular intervals on various media. While the government continues to be one of the major procurers of furniture for office purposes, rapid industrialization in the country is gradually pushing government to backseat and various corporate bodies taking the lead in such procurement.

Who Floats Furniture Tenders

In the country, furniture tenders are usually floated by the following organizations. Central Government and its affiliated institutions. State governments and their affiliated institutions. Corporate organizations. Various private organizations. Builders and interior decorators.

Different Types of Furniture Tenders

Tenders floated for procurement of furniture can be of different types. These can be steel furniture, wooden furniture, fibber furniture, moulded furniture, and even furniture made of expensive materials like ivory and such others. Similarly, type of furniture will also vary with the variation in locations where they are used. For instance; furniture used for residential use and commercial complexes would be different. In a house, furniture used in living room, dining room, drawing room, and garden or portico will all be different from each other. Catering to the specific requirements of the procurer, furniture tenders are floated in the market.

Factors for Consideration for Bidders

Bidders desiring to bid for tenders for supply of furniture should take care of a few important aspects. Bidders should take care of all aspects in the tenders floated by the procurer including quality and delivery time limits. In case of corporate offices, banks, and other such organizations branded products are favoured in comparison to the non-branded ones. In most cases the procurer will also look for the warranty period of the furniture procured. Furniture supplied should perfectly match the specifications detailed in the furniture tenders.

Bidding for Special Furniture Tenders

In some cases the requirements for furniture would be different. For instance; furniture used in hospitals, clinics, as well as in technical wings of the offices and organizations are different in nature. Such furniture requires meeting the specific necessities of the tasks to be accomplished. Computer tables are different from the standard office tables and hospital beds are different from the traditional beds used elsewhere and in homes.

In addition, the quality aspects of these types of special furniture are also different compared to traditional furniture. They have to be much more durable and qualitative in comparison.

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