Facts About the Red Hat Society

Have you heard of the Red Hat Society before? Maybe you have, but you don’t know who they are or what they really do. The society can be beneficial and fun to have a membership for.

The Red Hat Society gives women opportunities to network while enjoying new friendships they make with other women. Membership in the society is fulfilling, and ladies can help one another by living fun and free lives.

If you think that this is like a sorority, think again. Unlike what a sorority is, the Red Hat Society does not have any initiation or is it a volunteer club. It is an organization that is specifically set aside for the ladies.

Similar to any other organizations, the society has their own membership hierarchy. The founder of a local chapter is called the Queen, and local members are known as Red Hatters. They wear red hats and purple clothing for society functions for women over 50.

For those who are members and younger than fifty years old, they are considered Pink Hatters. They will wear lavender clothing along with pink hats. Once they turn fifty, they will have a celebration and graduate into wearing red hats.

Members are asked to attend a wide range of events, and they attend dressed elegantly. Members wear various pink and red hats, and they are known to wear accessories like boas.

The Society gives their members a lot of events to be a part of. Tea parties are the favorite for most members. Additionally, they have larger regional parties which brings different chapters together. This is good for networking, and each chapter will take turns hosting.

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