Fiber Cement Siding: Value the Investment?

A property’s exterior claims a whole lot about it, and investing in the ideal siding can assist entice customers and aid a household sell swiftly. Which is excellent news regardless of whether you happen to be promoting your personal household or flipping a dwelling to provide.

But which siding product ought to you pick out? If your intention is to make your house glance much more desirable when growing its resale value, fiber cement could make a good deal of perception.

Fiber cement vs. other siding

A number of crucial substances go into fiber cement siding:

  • Drinking water
  • Wooden pulp
  • Fly ash or silica sand as filler
  • Portland cement

Fiber cement is a preferred siding choice for a couple factors. Initially, fiber cement is particularly strong, and if installed properly, it’s built to withstand severe weather circumstances.

Fiber cement also looks excellent. Normally, it mimics the glimpse of painted wooden, only it would not have to have approximately the similar degree of routine maintenance as wood siding, which can rot about time. Wood is also issue to termite injury, whereas fiber cement is not.

The one detail fiber cement won’t often do the ideal occupation of, nonetheless, is insulate. In that regard, you might be greater off with vinyl siding. But from an aesthetic standpoint, you may experience fiber cement gives a far more natural look than vinyl.

What is actually the cost to set up fiber cement siding?

The common expense to install fiber cement siding is $19,700, according to the Nationwide Association of Realtors (NAR). Which is absolutely additional high-priced than vinyl siding, which charges $15,800 on average.

On the other hand, with fiber cement siding, you can expect to get a much better return on investment. The NAR reviews that people who put in fiber cement insert $15,000 of resale worth as a outcome, which suggests they recoup 76% of their investment. With vinyl siding, the cost recovery is just $10,000, which suggests 63% of that expenditure is recouped.

Really should you put in fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding looks desirable and has a relatively large price tag recovery price. If your existing siding is worn and needs to be changed or you happen to be fully flipping or making a residence from scratch that desires siding, it truly is well worth on the lookout at fiber cement, as it may offer much more aesthetic enchantment than vinyl.

That mentioned, if you happen to be contemplating of setting up fiber cement siding for a dwelling you prepare to reside in yourself, you need to know there will be additional maintenance associated. With vinyl siding, you are going to generally just electrical power-clean your exterior once or twice a yr to maintain it clean. Fiber cement siding, having said that, may perhaps need to have to be recaulked or repainted each and every handful of decades, so make guaranteed you’re up for that level of maintenance (or have the means to outsource it) before transferring ahead. In addition to that, get ready to electrical power-wash your fiber cement siding after or twice a 12 months the same way you would vinyl siding.

The bottom line

All instructed, fiber cement could be a terrific addition to your household, 1 that contributes to its control attractiveness for quite a few years to appear. The fact that it could include resale value is absolutely a thing to factor into your decision.