Home Run Customer Service

How is the customer service at your business? Are your associates well- trained and do they work as a team? Are they knowledgeable and eager to share the information on your products?

Visit to an Apple Store:

Last weekend my husband and I went to the Apple store in MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia at 11am to purchase several Apple products we had researched. The store was very crowded with customers when we arrived.

At the door of the Apple store, an Associate wearing an Apple logo shirt, greeted us with a smile of welcome, and remembered us from our last visit. She tapped in our name into her Apple phone screen sending an email to another associate to assist us.

A minute later, one of the 11 associates in the store, smiled, and asked us what we needed after shaking our hands and introducing themselves. When the associate didn’t know the answer they quickly excused themselves and asked another associate for assistance and came back with the information within two minutes.

We made our purchases in less than 15 minutes. We bought an Apple TV Package, a cable to connect the Apple TV, and an Apple watch band.

What 3 things made the customer service a “Home Run” for us?

1) We immediately liked our sales associate with their positive attitude and trusted them.

2) The sales associate “listened” to what we wanted and needed in the Apple product and told us the benefits of the product and how much it would cost. The sales associate had the solution to our problem.

3) The associate had a passion and eagerness to share their knowledge of their Apple products with us. The associate knew everything about their products and if they did not know the answer to our question they quickly excused themselves and asked another associate for assistance and came back with the information within two minutes.

What are three steps you need at your business to have “Home Run” customer service?

1) Your well-trained associates “greet” your customers at the door with a smile, wearing your store uniform to identify them, (Apple logo on shirt), introduce themselves, ask for your customers name, shake their hand, and ask what service the customer needs.

2) Your associates eagerly and politely assist your customers as quickly as possible. We were assisted within “a minute”. When your associate does not know the answer to your customers question, they quickly excuse themselves, and ask another associate for assistance and come back with the information within two minutes.

3) You business should have enough well-trained associates to help your customers. There were 11 well-trained associates at the Apple Store each in charge of different aspects of the sale. One associate brought the products to us. The well- trained associates at the Apple worked together as a team.

To have “Home Run” customer service at your business just like the Apple Store, train your associates following the above 3 steps and your business will have “Home Run ” customer service too!

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