How to Make Money With CPA Program

If you have been in the internet marketing arena for awhile. You would have heard of the term CPA marketing and how people are making thousands of dollars a day or even millions within a few months.

Is this a fact or fallacy? Or is this all hype and no truth in it? To answer these questions, we have to first take a look at what CPA is. CPA is short for Cost Per Action. It is a form of affiliate marketing. However, unlike the traditional affiliate marketing, you do not have to make a sale to be rewarded. In most cases, you will be paid for a lead or action taken. This may come in a form of filling in some personal details or even just a zip code or email. Having said that, it is understandable that the conversion rate for such campaign would definitely be higher as compared to the traditional affiliate marketing where you are paid only if you close a sale.

To become a CPA affiliate marketer, you have to apply to become an affiliate of a CPA network. These are companies or organizations which act as a middle man between the affiliate and the publisher (Product creator). The beauty of becoming a CPA affiliate is that you can promote multiple products from different companies and get paid through the CPA network which controls all the campaigns. Getting into these CPA network may not be as easy as you wish. These CPA network companies will scrutinize your internet marketing experience and suitability before they accept you into their network. The application process usually take between two days to a week. Also note that Most of the products or campaigns are Geo Targeted to certain countries only although there may also be some international ones. Once you are accepted by the CPA networks. You can begin to drive traffic to your landing page.

If you do not already have a traffic driving strategy, I strongly recommend PPC and media buys as they drive tons of targeted traffic to your campaigns. PPC is short for Pay per click which is often associated with Google AdWords. However, do not restrict yourself to AdWords as you will be leaving your money on the table if you do that. Smaller search engines such as Yahoo and MSN are extremely profitable as they are cheaper and have highly targeted traffic as well. In case you haven’t heard about media buys. It is not new and multi-million dollar companies use them to promote their products with great success. One of the most common forms of media buys is placing banner ads on high traffic websites. These websites driving millions of impression on a weekly or even daily basis and is something every serious internet marketer cannot ignore.

In a nutshell, CPA affiliate program is indeed a highly lucrative business. The key is to learn how to select the right campaign, create a killer landing page and drive tons of targeted traffic to these sites. With these combinations, you will definitely find CPA affiliate program more than what you bargain for.

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