How to Use Interviews to Create Valuable Information Products

I have a saying: “The more you talk the more you make.” It’s worked for me.

Since I began my business in 2001, I’ve created over 157 hours worth of information for my customers. The end result? Today, I make more than $100,000 a year from my website.

How did I do it?

Well, the first thing I look for when creating products for my website is marketing experts. There are many of these around; one of my favorite sources is

The interesting thing is that even though many of these guys have great marketing content, they’re like 99.9% of the population in that they often don’t have the knowledge to market on the internet.

For example, I found a great book about marketing on Amazon which was selling for $10. It was obvious that the guy who wrote it really knew his stuff.

The interesting thing was, with the exception of his book, he had very little presence on the internet.

So, I approached him and said: “How would you like to take that book and turn it into a marketing consulting system that could be delivered both online and in physical form?”

I then conducted a series of interviews with him which formed the basis of an information product that I have been selling on my website for the past four years.

Remember, that guy’s book originally sold on Amazon for $10. Today, the information contained in that book sells for $5970!

How did I do this? Simple.

By interviewing that guy, I created value. By including the transcripts of the interviews, I created value. By adding other relevant interviews and transcripts (even from different authors), I created value.

This additional perceived value has made it possible to steadily increase the price of that product.

I have a saying: “The more you talk the more you make.”

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