Importance Of Edge Crush Test Used In Packaging Industry

Choosing a carton or a corrugated box can be a simpler job, but when considering the various properties of cardboard like thickness, a variety of papers, these things need to be considered carefully. While choosing a best and quality board of a particular size to manufacture a carton from a viewpoint of various environmental conditions can prove to be an important task. Using recycled content is an another important point which needs to be considered. But even cartons with a high level of content inside it need energy and create a hectic environment during the manufacturing process. Hence, it is an important consideration to reduce the amount of material. Apart from reducing the size of the cartons, some waste prevention techniques can also be adopted to avoid purchasing containers that are overly protective.

There are currently two types of test methods in the packaging industry which are used to determine the strength of the papers and corrugated boards. Generally the standard test method is bursting strength tester which performs rough handling of corrugated materials.It explains the force required to rupture the board. This effect is directly related to the carton’s ability to stand with internal and external forces.

After this, a new standard method is introduced which has accepted globally is the edge crush tester. It is an extremely reliable test method that provides the best performance with precise results. It is directly related to determining the stacking strength of a carton. It is calculated by compressing a part of the board from the edges of the specimen placed between two rigid plates until the highest load is published.

The edge crush test is a test procedure used to measure the cross-direction, crushing of a test specimen of corrugated boards. The test provides complete information regarding the ability of a particular board to resist crushing. The instrument provides the precise relation with the peak top-to-bottom compression strength of empty container in laboratory conditions. Force and ability of Corrugated Boxes are determined by many material test methods including edge crush test. In this test, some efforts are made to analyze the compression strength of empty, regular, single layered and multi-layered containers from top to bottom on the basis of various physical and mechanical properties.

The edge crush tester is an extremely reliable testing equipment that helps to judge and to enhance the quality of the materials used in the packaging industry. The instruments are designed as per various standards.

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