Interviews – Coaching Your Way to Success

You have applied for a job with your great resume and cover letter. Finally the phone rings and you are short-listed for an interview. Now the preparation really begins. How do you prepare yourself?

Anxiety, loss of confidence, concern over making a good first impression, not knowing what to expect, feeling like you know so little about the company, wondering about the competition are things that weigh heavily sometimes. Do they need to come into play?

Have you ever thought interviews could be fun? Just like dating? In many ways they are similar. You are going to meet one or more representatives of a company to see if you like who they are, if your values are similar, if what they advertised or say they are looking for is really what they want. You get to come into their environment, check it out, and see how well it fits. You also get to present yourself as you wish.

The attitude we use to approach a job interview is our choice to have. It might lead to a good match and hence a job offer; or it might just lead to an increase in your network and a new friend. Either way you meet new people, do some research on a company, and observe yourself exploring opportunities.

Interviews really need to be conversations, good quality dialogue that is meaningful, valuable and helps both parties determine if the match will be right. if you approach an interview with the intent of having a good conversation it might help you relax just a little and not feel like it is a lopsided situation. A colleague of mine told me she approaches an interview with a goal to find out as much as she can about the other person and in many ways uses gentle coaching questions that illustrate her curiosity and ability to listen and integrate.

Companies are pouring considerable resources these days into recruiting. Some areas are in high demand and some are not. Your unique skill set and experience coupled with your potential are what you have to offer. You may have multiple offers or you may find yourself looking for months for the right position. Either way how you approach your interview is a first impression, on both sides. How impressive are you and how impressed are you by the company with their recruitment process. Interviews should be informative, and the best ones should make you feel like the people are real and that you think not only that you could contribute but that you could have some fun along the way. Prepare for your next interview in a way that fits exactly who you are- this will ensure you find a good match.

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