Is Pixel Advertising Dead?

A popular question which is being posted around the internet by the business gurus of the internet. After the runaway success of Mr. Alex Tew of a certain homepage.

The Answer is simple NO Alex Tew gave birth to a new and exiting form of advertising medium on the internet. True this has also attracted the attention of the get rich quick fan club, but unfortunately they will always fall at the first hurdle or end up being scammed out of their money. Throughout the history of the internet the get rich quick fan will always be attracted to the proposition of a fast bit of cash.

The best way is to find a niche for your pixel site for instance I have seen someone who has done a pixel site as a wedding directory another advertising car dealers.

Then you have the spoof sites of that home page it seems most of them buy a script put it on the internet then pray for money! I won’t mention any but only the select few will make it. That’s if they are lucky.

If you look at the history of the internet you had the same question being asked for all other popular industries. Look at Google how many spoof sites has that spawned? Look how many people started bleating that it had killed the industry. But is the search engine industry dead? No Yahoo MSN and the smaller fish all survive in the same pond making a healthy profit, the car trading industry and the best case the ringtone industry are other examples yet see how many sites are establishing themselves and they are still making a healthy profit.

As long as you are willing to put in the effort make business plans, plan your marketing strategy and not treat the industry as a quick way to earn a few quid you will do OK will you ever make the same sort of profits as Alex Tew? I couldn’t answer that but keep treating you business right and you never know.

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