Marketing And Its Role In Society

Marketing plays a great role in today’s life. Marketing displays itself in three components:

1. Market research
2. Products sale
3. Public Relations campaigns

Let’s describe each component in economic sphere though the first and the second components also used in political sphere.

Marketing researches are used to know how many products are being sold in the market for existing products; how many products can be sold for a new product and also investigate customers’ preferences.

Product sale is the main function of marketing and sale department in companies. Their main aim is to find markets and partners and sell them their products. Marketing and sale department have to find and deal with company’s suppliers. Also it have to provide advertising campaign.

PR campaigns are used to make, to hold or to change company’s image. Company should work with its image in fallowing cases: intensification its positions on the market when advertising campaign doesn’t give profit any more; during strife with competitors to show customers that we have not only best product but also our company is very “good”; in different conflict situations which became known to public. PR campaigns can’t be made instead of advertising campaigns, they should be made in a parallel ways.

We should say that part of marketing instruments successfully had been used long before we heard about the word “marketing”. But now from year to year we have learned to use marketing instruments in our economy.

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