Secret Weapon For Getting High Profile Interviews

Now I do have a little bit of a secret weapon for some of my higher profile interviews.

There is a guy who’s been on my Web site who has been a customer of mine and who’s known about my audios for many years and I won’t mention the name because he is kind of my secret weapon. He is a PR expert and he has built this PR business and has a lot of famous clients. He approached me and said, “Hey how would you like to interview Vic Conan.” He was instrumental in me getting the interview with Bill Bartman, Tom Hopkins, Alex Mendosian, John Carlton, Ted Nicholas and some other top experts.

So look, he’s a PR expert; his job is to get his clients PR and having an interview with with me is good PR for his clients. I’m doing him the favor. So anytime he has a good client he’s going to refer that client to me and it’s just a no-brainer.

It is just an understanding that the client’s paying him probably a monthly fee to provide PR services and he’s in the business to get them exposure and to get them media time and to get them interviews. It is understood that when you pay a PR guy that he’s going to go out there and get you interviews.

So by the time he gets the interview set up there is no convincing anyone that I’m an expert. If I just had one interview on my Web site, the guy would probably still do the interview based on the referral from his PR expert.

Now anyone out there, there are a lot of PR experts and sometimes these PR experts don’t deliver. But if you approach them and position yourself as a good resource for getting a client or promoter who has a product or service good media time and good exposure there is no reason the PR expert wouldn’t refer their clients to you.

So find out the big names and find out who does their PR. Ask for their PR department, email their PR department and it might go right to the boss but if you put Attention PR Department you’ll get it to the right people.

So that’s my little secret weapon and I’ve relied on him for some of the big names. I’ve never really gone outside of him and I still could; I’m in the works and I’ve got another high profile media person who is going to be securing me some real high profile interviews which I’m excited about. All you have to do is find those PR people and have something of value and give a good interview and we’ll talk about what’s in it for them. But it’s basically free advertising.

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