SharePoint app: stay up to date with your business

Mobility in the workplace has become a valuable asset. With the company’s intranet, you can solve the problems of connectivity and collaboration of the employees and allow them to work from anywhere. The intranet serves as the central hub of your organization, providing a way for employees to share resources, news, and information.

With the SharePoint app, you have your intranet in your pocket: full access to company news and announcements, contacts, websites and content of colleagues from anywhere! Windows, iOS, macOS and Android are all supported by the app. SharePoint can even be embedded into local websites.

7 functions to optimize your work

SharePoint offers you a wide range of functions to make your intranet more dynamic, and more interesting and personalize it. We’ve identified 7 features, which we’ll detail below, that can really help you optimize your time and work performance.

Plan your content and SharePoint will publish it for you

This feature is very useful when you have a message, post, page or any other type of content at a specific time. want to publish? You can set the day and time from any device, and SharePoint will take care of the rest. You can change the content you want to share at any time before publishing it. This gives you complete control over how your content is distributed across the intranet.

Preview your posts

SharePoint allows you to tailor your experience on the platform to your preferences. Before sharing a resource, updating something, or planning something new, there’s always a fear that something might go wrong as soon as you hit the publish button. Sharepoint’s preview feature lets you preview content as it will appear to intranet users, so you can verify that everything is in its right place.

Excel for SharePoint: the creation of lists in the intranet is possible immediately

Finally, you can create a modern list in Excel and use it in SharePoint. Simply select the option to create a new list in SharePoint and import the data table you want from an existing Excel file. You can make any changes you want, e.g. For example, change the type of column or format the rows and columns to improve the graphics.

You can review and change the data at any time in Excel after the list has been uploaded to your intranet.

SharePoint Smart Search: Find the acronyms you need

The intranet search function has been improved.

The platform offers administrators the possibility to create and add definitions for each acronym to be recognized so that users do not lose information and generally do not get lost on the intranet. When users come across a term, they can use Microsoft Search to look up the definition and clear up any confusion.

Keyboard shortcuts on SharePoint

Sharepoint, like most Windows and Microsoft 365, can be navigated using the keyboard. In page editing mode, press Shift +? to see a list of all available keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts give you quick access to pages that interest you, and you can also use them when creating text, navigating the page, or undoing/redoing operations.

How often do you come across interesting intranet content but don’t have time to read it right away? 

The Save for Later option in SharePoint is a solution to this problem. Thanks to this feature, you can save content that interests you and watch it later when you have more time. In this way, you never lose track of interesting information that you find on your intranet.

You can save items in the All Saved Items list or organize them into collections based on where they came from, e.g. B. “Objects saved by location X”. Microsoft SharePoint makes the intranet smarter and more compatible with your needs by introducing features like this.

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