Should I Give My Interviews Away For Free Or Should I Sell Them?

My motto which I have found to be very effective is to just give the information away for free.

If you go to my web site you’ll see over 150 hours of audio interviews on business experts, marketing experts and copy writing experts, for FREE.

Many times people say that I’m crazy. They ask “why are you giving this information away for free?”

In the internet world and the advertising world you’re fighting for mind share.

Giving information away for free works. People like free stuff, as long as it’s good quality free stuff and there is value in it.

My strategy is to build credibility by giving first.

If I can give away a very high-end quality interview, that provides answers to my listeners on a subject, I have positioned myself number one as an interview expert, who’s honest and providing value, where others in my field, may be charging thousands of dollars for the same information.

I’m giving it away for free and I have a chance to be listened to and to build a relationship with the listener.

So, by giving it away for free, you get all those benefits. Once you have a relationship with your listeners, you have an opportunity to sell them something. But the trust must come first.

Remember, you are fighting for time with your prospect. And if you are competing with a competitor that is charging for the same or lesser quality information and you are offering it for free, you will win every time.

Try it. It works.

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