The Future of Mobile Websites and the Need to Optimize Them

The recent surveys have shown that mobile surfing has easily bypassed desktop surfing in the last few years. This explains the importance of mobile websites in the current scenario. Hence, in order to survive in this competitive segment, you don’t just need a mobile website, but also make sure that it ranks high in search engine results and is also user- friendly. Does that sound like a cakewalk to you? No, it is not. It needs constant efforts and planning from your side.

A mobile might be very popular for instant searches and information, but it has its limitation, which is its size. A hand-held device cannot take the place of a computer in ease of use. That’s the reason that people searching for information on a mobile, go for shorter phrases and keywords. Many times, their search is only limited to one or two words because it is not easy to type longer phrases while you are in the middle of a street or something important. Thus, if you will not work on ranking well in short phrases, you are bound to lose a considerable part of your target segment. Even the website content has to be short and crisp as mobile surfers do not have the time to go through lengthy texts.

With a considerable difference in the size of a mobile and computer, the first ten results on a computer are usually with the first three on a mobile. Here, the competition becomes tougher because you are not fighting for being in the top ten, but in the top three. So make sure you are competitive enough to maintain your performance.

If comfort is the niche domain for a computer, portability is for a mobile. That is the reason people mostly search for local information on it. Most of the time they search for location in the middle of a road or traffic signals and this information is usually for local places to dine, shop, etc. Hence, it is crucial to concentrate on local search results. Secondly, when a user is seeking local information, he expects it to be accurate. Stale facts and figures can do irreparable damage to your reputation and you are bound to lose the user perhaps, forever. Therefore, current data is what a mobile user expects from a website. Match results, weather forecasts, stock market updates and important news are some of the most searched after categories on mobile websites. So you really need to optimize it and promote it on local search engine optimization consultants and directories.

Following mobile standards and guidelines is also a part of your SEO strategy. Various mobile checker websites give you this facility to check the mobile friendliness of your website. More importantly, you need to focus on the  file which gives a brief description of the site’s contents, pointing the user to its most applicable version. This helps in making you appear in search results even when your website is not accessible because a file can be directly indexed by search engine spiders. Not to be forgotten is checking your mobile website on mobile devices.

All these are important factors that have to be kept in mind for mobile websites. The current trends predict a bright future for mobile technology. Therefore, you need to invest more of your time and efforts on mobile technology to reap rich dividends in future.