Tips For Your DWI Case

Even though everyone knows drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is an offense, many people keep on doing it today. This causes DUI cases to be on the rise, with courts, lawyers, and the police becoming overwhelmed by the lack of responsibility shown by society. We know the act is wrong, yet some of us continue to repeat the same offense over and over again. Just because this is your first offense, it should not be taken lightly. Driving under the influence jeopardizes many lives, including your own.

If you are arrested for a DWI, the best thing you could do for yourself is to hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will then proceed with the following tips to help you. Look at houston dwi attorneys website for more information about DWI attorneys in Houston.

Determine your case

First things first, your lawyer will determine if your case is defendable. Were you pulled over for a valid reason, or just because the officer felt like it? Your lawyer will create questions to challenge your arrest in the first place, especially if this was your first offense. If it is not your first, your lawyer will need to determine the severity of your condition and if you can be defended in court.

Prepare your defense

Even if you are caught driving under the influence, it is possible to get the charge overturned and tossed out. Only by refusing a blood test and a breathalyzer test, you have made it very difficult that you were under the influence. Without these two types of evidence, the arresting officer has no proof to support his claim of your drunk driving. 

Just because you were caught, do not think that it is best to cooperate and give the police everything they ask for; this would help to put you in jail, not keep you out. If there is no evidence of your drunken state, the only thing that remains is the officer’s opinion that you were drunk, and that is not enough to convict you.

Suspended license

A person with a DUI charge will most often get their driving license suspended. Imagine not being able to drive and having to take public transportation wherever you go. Having a good lawyer ensures that you get to keep your driver’s license.

Protecting your rights

Your lawyer is responsible for protecting rights. Never accept a DUI charge, and remember you have the right to a lawyer who defends you until the case is over.

Even though the cost of hiring a lawyer nowadays is prohibitive, defending yourself in court is not an option because if you are unable to protect yourself adequately, you might have to go to jail. Once you do go to jail, life will start becoming very hard as it will be difficult for you to get a job, and this will create more problems in the future. Self-defense is not an option.