When Giving an Audio Interview, How Much of it is Scripted?

When I am giving my audio interviews how much is actually scripted?  Well, when I am giving an audio interview myself, that means that someone else is the one asking the questions and I’m giving the audio interview. Their questions are most likely scripted because they have them all in front of them, ready to ask me. But, we didn’t write a script together. 

My answers, they’re not scripted, but I do have bullets in front of me of what I’m going to say. I do not write it all out, but give myself some guidelines and ideas of what I can say to stay on topic.  While giving a live teleseminar, I don’t want to lose my train of thought, and it’s pretty hard to concentrate for three hours on this. It’s very easy to do, but I don’t want to mess up, especially when it is live.  There is no way to fix it if it is live.  The bullet points help me keep my thoughts together and insure that I do not mess up.  They keep me on schedule and narrowed in on what I am talking about, without sounding like I wrote a script for the interview.

So, I prepared, and I’ve got bullets, key points that I can look at. I’m not reading a script that is fully written out in front of me. I’m just looking at bullets and ideas so I can keep up without going too much off topic. So in my own audio interviews, very little is scripted actually. 

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