Why Aluminum Is an Effective Material for Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum has transcended from being a trend in the furniture business to becoming an essential part of most brands’ collections. In the outdoor furniture business, Aluminum collections have proven their superiority in many aspects.

Aluminum is strong, light and resistant to corrosion. It comes in tubular form and cast form. Aluminum was discovered in 1821 but was not available in industrial quantities until years later. Its uses now are endless but we notice it mostly in furniture, electronics and high end gadgets.


The most commonly thought of things that make aluminum the perfect material as a choice for outdoor furniture are its longevity and strength. Whether you live in areas where the summers are harsh or in a place with soaking wet tropical weather, aluminum is the material for you! Unlike wooden furniture, water has zero effect on aluminum. Direct scorching sun does not affect aluminum itself, but merely hits the finishing or paint only.


The distinctive aspect of this metal is that it is very light compared to what it offers in strength and robustness! Before being used in furniture, aluminum was used in motorsports and aerospace engineering due to these attributes.

Everyone rearranges outdoor furniture numerous times a year, whether for cleaning purposes, seating arrangements or even just for general ambiance, patio furniture needs to be light in order to be malleable. Aluminum furniture is easy to move and can give you the freedom to redesign whenever you feel like it.


Although metal furniture is old on the market, aluminum specifically made a boom in the past years for one major reason, NO RUST!

The scientific explanation to this is that on its surface, Aluminum binds itself to airborne oxygen and forms a thin layer of Oxide. This turns it completely corrosion resistant. This makes your garden furniture safe when exposed to most conditions thrown at it. Other than a light wiping every now and then to remove stains, your furniture stays self-sufficient for years to come!


Aluminum handling has moved to become one of the most malleable furniture frame materials ever. Bending, twisting and welding aluminum has moved to new heights. Combine that with the many colors you can paint it with and you find yourself with endless possibilities.


Powder coating is the preferred way to paint aluminum as it binds better than regular paint. In recent years, most manufacturers powder coat aluminum electrostatically. This is when they charge the paint/spray gun with a charge opposing what they charged the piece of furniture with. The opposing charges cause the paint to adhere to the aluminum uniformly and with very little residue or waste! The piece is then heated in order to make the paint form a sort of skin that is very hardly affected by scratches and bumps.

In conclusion, aluminum is a great material for hotel outdoor furniture, however it’s not the only effective one. Rattan is also one of the best materials for patio furniture.

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