Eric Swan Shares Thoughts on Focusing on Personal Development

As a small business owner, there are many ways you can bring significant value to your business. It can be pretty challenging to get your company up and running and get it to a point where it can create profit. Naturally, this would require time and dedication – you might even forget to care for yourself. However, it would help if you kept in mind that as your business grows, you should also grow alongside it. 

There is a dire need for business people to cultivate a lifestyle that can encourage personal growth alongside business growth so that they are allowed multiple levels of success. 

They need to focus on making progress with their business. This is where people like Eric Swan come in. A revered Korean-Scottish author, entrepreneur, wedding planner, and designer, Eric Swan supports and helps people navigate their way when life is a struggle. 

Many of you might know him as the founder of the Eric Swan Company, Swan Productions, Mavericks, Eric Swan Weddings, and more. He began his career at the 

He established The Eric Swan Company in 2010, a project management firm specializing in commercial construction and business development. He also serves as the CEO of the Los Banos-based Mavricks, Inc., a clothing and lifestyle brand for men. Plus, he is the creator behind Swan Productions and takes on the lead planner role of the San Jose-based Eric Swan Weddings. 

He assists those under pressure to build the perfect business and needs a mentor to guide them. Some of the ways he has shared to get started with personal growth include the following. 

Enrolling in Courses 

Courses, especially online ones, can be an excellent way for you to develop an existing or new skill. There are classes where you can learn new languages, software programs, graphic designing, social media marketing, and much more. There are so many options for courses out there, and you can choose your pick of a lot based on what you want to learn the most. 

Keeping Track of Progress 

Keep in mind that little progress is still progress. And the best thing you can do to improve is to keep track of it and see how far you have made it. Keep a journal and reflect on your recent decisions, conversations, and events. This will help you to gain self-awareness and lead you to set reasonable goals for yourself. 

Get Inspired 

Inspiration can come from anywhere. But make sure it’s from a healthy mindset. Many people look at others’ success as a competition in a negative way. The goal here is to think of this from a positive perspective, where you look at your competitors as a source of inspiration to work harder on your own goals. This healthy mindset can imprint into your daily lifestyle and bring more clarity to what you want to do to improve your path towards success.

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